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Introduction to WorldTeam11

In the cricket-crazed nation of India, where the love for the sport is unparalleled, the constraints of a busy lifestyle often hinder the ability to play the game on the field. Enter the realm of Fantasy cricket, a virtual platform that not only allows enthusiasts to create their dream team but also provides a legitimate opportunity to earn real cash and exciting prizes.

Key Takeaways for WorldTeam11

  • Popularity Surge: WorldTeam11 gains acclaim for unique features, boosting its popularity significantly.
  • Performance-Based Scoring: Users earn points based on real players’ on-field performance, enhancing engagement.
  • Investment Potential: Recognized as the next big thing in fantasy sports, attracting investment interest.
  • Referral Rewards: WorldTeam11 offers a referral system, allowing users to earn bonuses by inviting friend.
  • User-Friendly Interface: WorldTeam11’s simplicity and user-friendly design contribute to its growing popularity.

About WorldTeam11: Trust and Innovation

WorldTeam11 emerges as a standout among fantasy sports applications, winning the trust of users through its remarkable features and user-friendly platform. This platform acts as a catalyst for increasing sports knowledge among cricket fans, enabling them to manage their team and utilize their cricketing skills to form the best possible lineup. The cherry on top – real money winnings.

Key Features that Propel WorldTeam11 to the Pinnacle:

  • Fastest Growing Platform: WorldTeam11 stands out as one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket platforms, capturing the attention of cricket aficionados.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts a simple and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for both seasoned players and novices.
  • Fair Play Policy: WorldTeam11 upholds a fair play policy, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.
  • Autobots Prohibited: To maintain the integrity of the game, autobots are strictly forbidden, guaranteeing a genuine and competitive gaming environment.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Available on both Android and iOS, making it accessible to a broad user base.
  • Abundant Contests: With more than 5000 daily contests, users can engage in competitions that match their preferences and skills.
  • 24*7 Customer Support: The platform offers round-the-clock customer support, ensuring prompt assistance for any queries or concerns.
  • Multiple Team Creation: Participants can create multiple teams to enhance their chances in various contests, adding a strategic element to the game.
  • Lucrative Sign-Up Bonus: WorldTeam11 welcomes new users with a generous Rs. 100 sign-up bonus, kickstarting their fantasy cricket journey.
  • Secure Data Handling: The platform ensures the safety and security of user data, creating a trustworthy environment for players.
  • Legally Compliant: With a 100% legal status, WorldTeam11 provides users with the confidence of engaging in a legitimate and authorized gaming experience.

How to Dive into the World of WorldTeam11 Fantasy Cricket

Sign Up with a Bang

  • Download the WorldTeam11 fantasy cricket app.
  • Install the app from the downloaded APK file.
  • Register by entering your mobile number and verifying it with an OTP.
  • Add your email address.
  • Utilize a referral code: Seize the Rs. 100 sign-up bonuses after using the referral code.
  • Complete your profile by adding your PAN card and bank account details.

Master the Game

  • Open the application and select a match from the upcoming fixtures.
  • Craft your fantasy team using your cricket knowledge.
  • Strategically choose your captain and vice-captain.
  • Join the contest by paying the entry fees.
  • Create and choose from multiple teams for diverse contests.
  • Watch your team compete and climb the ranks based on player performance.
  • Claim your spot as the top ranker and relish the cash rewards, easily transferable to your bank account.

Refer and Earn

  • Spread the word about WorldTeam11 to your friends.
  • Earn Rs. 100 as a referral bonus when they join using your unique referral code.
  • Your friend also gets a Rs. 100 sign-up bonuses, making it a win-win.


In the realm of online gaming, earning real money while indulging in your favourite pastime is often deemed challenging. However, WorldTeam11 effortlessly simplifies this task with its user-friendly interface, attracting over 9 lakh active users. The platform’s novelty translates to reduced competition, increasing your chances of emerging victorious. Seize the opportunity; join WorldTeam11 today and stand a chance to win a Rs. 1000 cash bonus. It’s not just a game; it’s a revolution in fantasy cricket.

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FAQs for WorldTeam11

Q: How does WorldTeam11 calculate scores?

A: WorldTeam11 calculates scores based on real players’ on-field performance, awarding points for actions like runs, wickets, and more.

Q: Can I create multiple teams on WorldTeam11?

A: Yes, WorldTeam11 allows users to create and manage multiple fantasy teams, enhancing their chances in diverse contests.

Q: What are the key features of WorldTeam11?

A: WorldTeam11 stands out with a user-friendly interface, fair play policy, and a fast-growing platform offering over 5000 daily contests.

Q: Is there a referral bonus on WorldTeam11?

A: Yes, WorldTeam11 offers a referral system. Invite friends using a unique referral code to earn bonuses for both you and your friend.

Q: How do I sign up on WorldTeam11?

A: To sign up on WorldTeam11, download the fantasy cricket app, register, and complete your profile by adding necessary details like your PAN card and bank account information.