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Introduction of 11Challengers

If you are a sports fan who loves to test your skills and knowledge against other players, then 11Challengers is the platform for you. 11Challengers is a fantasy sports game that allows you to pick your own team made up of real players from various sports, such as cricket, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, handball, and kabaddi. You can create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits and earn points based on your chosen players’ performance in the real-life matches. You can also join different contests with less entry fees in the market and win real cash rewards. 11Challengers is a purely skill-based game that provides no percentage selection and helps you avoid clashes. It is also a safe and secure platform that offers 24/7 support and a responsive layout.


Key Takeaways of 11 Challengers

Here are five key takeaways that you should know about 11 Challengers:

  • 11 Challengers provides a wide variety of contests with low entry fees in the market. This means that you can participate in more contests and have more chances to win cash prizes.
  • If you invite your friends to play 11 Challengers, you can get 20% of profit commission every time your referred joins a paid contest. This is a great way to earn extra income while sharing your passion for sports.
  • If you are a new user, you can get 100 rupees sign up bonus for joining 11 Challenger App. This is a welcome offer that will help you boost your initial balance and start playing right away.
  • 11 Challenger App uses a standard fantasy point system that rewards your team based on your chosen players’ performance in the real-life matches. You can also use different player types, such as wicket keeper, batsmen, all rounder, and bowling, to create your optimal team.
  • 11 Challenger App is a purely skill based game that provides no percentage selection and helps you avoid clashes. This means that you can showcase your sports knowledge and skills without worrying about luck or bias.

Low Entry Fees:

11 Challengers Apk offers a plethora of contests with exceptionally low entry fees, setting itself apart in the market. This feature enables participants to engage in a higher number of contests, significantly amplifying their chances of clinching cash prizes. With reduced financial barriers, users can explore diverse contests without straining their budgets, fostering an inclusive and accessible gaming environment that caters to a broad spectrum of players.

Lifetime Reference Bonus:

Inviting friends to join 11 Challengers Apk not only enhances communal gaming experiences but also unlocks a lucrative opportunity for users to earn passive income. The platform rewards referrers with a generous 20% profit commission each time their referred contacts engage in paid contests. This perpetual reference bonus serves as a sustainable income stream, incentivizing users to expand the platform’s community while leveraging their social networks for financial gains.

Sign Up Bonus:

As an enticing incentive for new users, 11Challengers Apk offers a generous 100 rupees sign-up bonus upon registration. This welcome offer serves as an immediate boost to the initial balance of newcomers, empowering them to dive into the gaming experience without delay. By providing this introductory bonus, 11Challengers Apk effectively lowers the barrier to entry, encouraging users to explore the platform’s offerings and embark on their gaming journey with enhanced enthusiasm and resources.

Standard Fantasy Point System:

11 Challengers App employs a standardized fantasy point system that evaluates the performance of users’ selected players based on real-life match outcomes. This system ensures fairness and consistency across contests, as participants earn points in alignment with their players’ on-field achievements. Furthermore, users can strategically assemble their teams by incorporating various player types, including wicketkeeper, batsmen, all-rounder, and bowler, optimizing their chances of securing victory through informed player selection and tactical prowess.

Purely Skill-Based Game:

Distinguishing itself from chance-oriented platforms, 11Challenger stands as a beacon of skill-based gaming, devoid of percentage selection and bias. By eliminating elements of luck and randomness, the platform empowers users to demonstrate their sports acumen and strategic prowess authentically. Participants can engage in contests with confidence, knowing that outcomes hinge solely on their ability to craft formidable teams and predict player performances accurately. This commitment to skill-based competition fosters a level playing field where merit and proficiency reign supreme, enhancing the integrity and appeal of the gaming experience.


11 Challengers Login is the ultimate fantasy sports experience for Indian sports enthusiasts. It offers low entry fees, lifetime reference bonus, sign up bonus, standard fantasy point system, and purely skill based game. It is also a safe and secure platform that offers 24/7 support and a responsive layout. If you are ready to challenge yourself and compete with other players, then download the 11 Challengers Login app today and start playing!

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FAQs for 11Challengers:

Q: Are the entry fees for contests on 11Challengers affordable?

A: Yes, 11Challengers offers contests with low entry fees, allowing users to participate in multiple competitions and increase their chances of winning cash prizes without straining their budgets.

Q: How can I earn additional income on 11Challengers?

A: By inviting friends to join 11Challengers, you can earn a lifetime reference bonus of 20% profit commission whenever your referred contacts engage in paid contests, providing a rewarding opportunity to generate passive income while enjoying sports gaming.

Q: Is there a sign-up bonus for new users?

A: Absolutely, new users are welcomed with a 100 rupees sign-up bonus upon joining 11Challengers. This bonus enhances their initial balance, enabling them to kick-start their gaming journey with added resources and excitement.

Q: How does the fantasy point system work on 11Challengers?

A: 11Challengers employs a standard fantasy point system that evaluates users’ selected players based on their real-life performances. Participants can strategically choose from different player types to create optimal teams, earning points in alignment with their players’ on-field achievements.

Q: Is 11Challengers a luck-based platform?

A: No, 11Challengers prides itself on being a purely skill-based game. With no percentage selection or biases, users can showcase their sports knowledge and strategic abilities confidently, knowing that outcomes are determined solely by skill and proficiency in team selection and prediction.